Peak Leads. Home Grown Clients.

Combining some of our most specialized systems, we plant, cultivate, and nuture high quality leads, ripe for the picking. Our inside sales team hands over these clients to our brokers via our customized CRM platform, where you can manage the process from start to finish.

Whether you want to generate your own leads, or join in on ours, we can help!

We custom built our own home search website.

With a focus on our local customers and listings, leads will be able to easily search, save and manage their own online home buying experience.

Brokers can view, manage, and connect with leads who are searching for homes in real time, all through our easy to use CRM platform.

Combined with our proven inside sales department we're able to find, vet, and hand off leads who are actually ready to buy or sell a home, now!

No more need to waste your time trying to nurse a bunch of cold leads who never end up coming around.

Get started working your leads, today!


4949 Macadam Ave Suite 56
Portland, OR 97239

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